Class A uniform for each officer

Provide each officer with 1 long sleeve formal dress uniform to be worn for court appearances, funerals and any formal event. Cost $300 each

Add to cart $300.00

Infrared Drone and Camera

To be used for search & Rescue, proactive patrol, traffic monitoring and aerial mapping. Cost approximately $9000

Add to cart $9,000.00

Locker room bathroom remodel

Need to replace the vanity, fixtures and toilet in the locker area.  Est. Cost $1000

Add to cart $1,000.00

New work station office chairs designed for police

Heavy duty office chairs that accommodate gun belts and equipment while sitting at computer desks. Need 3 Cost $350 each

Add to cart $350.00

Infrared (flir) heat and night scope

This will be used mainly in darkness.  Will allow officers to scan areas of town (Pinellas Trail, Golf Courses, side streets and parks) for the presence of people.  Can be helpful for kids and elderly people who wander off in day or night. Cost $500

Add to cart $500.00

New Police rated patrol pick up truck

Addition to our fleet for use in patrol, special event setup/break down, use during storms and storm clean up. Cost $40,000 ($25k for vehicle, $15k for radios, computer, lights and siren package)

Add to cart $40,000.00

Gun Safe to Store Weapons

Need a new digital keypad safe to replace the dial style one for quick access to shotguns and less lethal shotgun. Cost $600

Add to cart $600.00

Radar Speed Detection Guns

Need 2 updated RADAR guns for speed detection Cost $1200 each

Add to cart $1,200.00

Laser Speed Detection Guns

Need 2 updated lasers for use in speed detection Cost $2000 each

Add to cart $2,000.00

Portable Radios

Replace the last 6 old radios with the new model.  Already replaced all but 6 over the past 2 years. Each radio is $5000 each.

Add to cart $5,000.00

Firearm Training Simulator

Would be used to train and keep officers use of force/shooting skills sharp. We would also like to look at the feasibility to use the system to educate our citizens by allowing access to the system in controlled community outreach programs. Cost approximately $5000

Add to cart $5,000.00

Officer Lockers

Require 18 lockers Replace old 1950 style metal lockers in the police locker room and add several so each officer has a locker. Each one Cost $850 each

Add to cart $850.00


Pelican Flashlights (20) Each one costs $175 Includes base charger, light and battery and carry case. Flashlights are due to be upgraded to a newer model. Current ones are no longer being made but can be repurposed to be installed in each vehicle as a back-up light.

Add to cart $175.00

Bullet Proof Vests

Bullet Proof Vests (6) (Need 3 this year and 3 next year) Each one costs $2500 Includes the Ballistic Panels, and the Carrier that the panels slide into (looks like a uniform shirt).

Add to cart $2,500.00